Monday Feb 1st 2021

7.00 - 8.00pm

Imbolc, a point on the Celtic calender that marks the half-way point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, happens when every year when the Earth shifts on her axis and in the Northern hemisphere we herald the return of the Sun.

Imbolc marks a powerful energetic portal for dreaming in a new reality for humanity.  It is on this day also that we celebrate beloved Brigid, keeper of the flame, Goddess of healing and embodiment of divine feminine energy.

The word Imbolc derives from the phrase 'i mbolg' or 'in the belly'. It is from the belly that we root into the earth and rise up through the spine.  The belly,  (nabhi, hara, manipurna, third chakra), is a point on the body that many spiritual traditions and indigenous peoples have identified as the seat of personal power and projection. Once anchored here, we begin the journey to the heart.

My intention for this gathering is to create a space for you to quieten, to listen deeply to the whisperings in your belly, to journey from your belly to your heart where I will invite you to plant a seed. A seed for you, a seed for humanity.

What kind of new earth do you want to help birth?

What do you want your world to look like?

This event is hosted via  ZOOM.

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This event is offered complimentary. If you value my work, donations are gratefully received however there is no obligation. 

To receive your free invite,

email me at this address by 4.30pm 01.02.2021

 Any further queries, call me  T. 089 2225198

Please have a pen, paper, a candle, cushions, blankets and something to lie on.


Testimonials from previous 

'As a total newbie I wasn't sure what to expect. Sorcha led us to a place of such deep rest, I didn't know existed. Today, I feel so grounded and energised with a new found sense of clarity about my life. Highly Recommend.' 

'I had never been to a yoga class or relaxation session before so I didn't know what to expect. For my first experience, it was amazing. Sorcha is so gentle & kind with a big heart. Could not recommend higher.'

'Amazing. I had the best night sleep I've had in a year'

'Beautifully held space. Sorcha invited us on a journey inward and I found a core of peace & stillness in me that I hadn't expected to find. A truly wonderful evening. I came out feeling deeply contented and connected.'